No pain, only gain

We’ve handled for you the painstaking process of animating hundreds of elements, so you can effortlessly bring the deep and organic movement of cel animation to your motion graphics projects.

The hand animations in this packet are both LOOPABLE and MODULAR. This allows you the freedom to arrange them in any sequence you prefer. Each animation seamlessly transitions from start to finish, enabling you to combine them along the timeline and create the desired flow for your project.

Use Time Remap to freeze or loop them, Edit color, shadow and stroke to create hundreds of visual combinations, even more if you apply your favorite effects, layer styles and textures.

Just import the elements you need in After Effects and use it as a normal asset, making it interact with other elements of our library or with your motiongraphics project.

Improve your motion graphics game with frame by frame elements.

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Preview and Import with AEVIEWER

Please remember that our library is exclusively accessible through AeViewer, an After Effects plugin developed by MotionLand and available for free on

AeViewer is a revolutionary media browser for After Effects and Premiere Pro, empowering you to preview, apply, and import projects and media files with a single click. It streamlines your workflow, saving you valuable time and effort.

AEVIEWER Minimum version: 2.1.2

free download

Technical Info:

- The library is compatible with After Effects CC 2021 or newer versions.

- This library can ONLY be used with the FREE plugin AeViewer (link provided above).

- Every asset is hand-drawn frame by frame using Adobe Animate.

- Animations are set at 24 frames per second and can be scaled down to 16 fps or 12 fps.

- You can customize color, shadow color, color visibility, stroke width, stroke color and stroke visibility of each asset.

- All elements are vector-based and can be resized without limitations.

Hand Gesture Library – Catalog Preview

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