Edit easily with a few clicks.

Control Colors, Shadows, Visibility, and Stroke to Create Unique Visual Styles.

Assemble your timeline

Move the modular precomps to compose your own sequence of animation

Extensive Variety

Explore and Discover a Multitude of Categories, Themes, and Subjects

Save tons of hours

Traditional animation is a long and time-consuming process. Cel Wizard presets come in handy if you don’t have the time or the patience for frame by frame animation, but you don’t want to give up its WOW effect.

Constantly updated animations

New animation sets are always on the way. Each packet gives you access to its future updates, with new animated frame by frame elements free to download.

Tradition meets modern

Cel Wizard presets are animated frame by frame on Adobe Animate and optimized for After Effects. No need to install any plugins, though. Step up your game combining motion graphics with frame by frame animation.


Supreme Wizard’s Bundle



The more the merrier. With this Bundle you bring home all the libraries available at the moment at a discount price. Future updates of the bundle are included. The product of hundreds of hours of work ready to be used in your After Effects projects.

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Cel Animation is awesome, except it sucks

Drawing is cool, but let’s face it, drawing the same thing 24 times just for a second of animation can cost you hours, if not days, of precious time.

That’s where CelWizard Frame by Frame Library comes in. It’s a curated collection of fully editable and modular frame-by-frame animations. With our library, you can effortlessly combine and customize these elements, empowering you to enhance your motion design projects with the richness of frame-by-frame animation.

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Why spend countless hours drawing thousands of frames? We've already done the hard work for you!

Customize weight, color, shadow, and stroke to achieve your unique visual style. Add textures, styles, and effects to create an infinite range of visual variations. Combine different libraries to create complex motion graphic videos.

We offer a comprehensive set of essential elements for your animations: looping and morphing elements, hand gestures, 3D solids, and shapes. These elements are modular, loopable, and editable, providing maximum flexibility for your projects.

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Preview and Import with AEVIEWER

Please remember that our library is exclusively accessible through AeViewer, an After Effects plugin developed by MotionLand and available for free on Aescript.com.

AeViewer is a revolutionary media browser for After Effects and Premiere Pro, empowering you to preview, apply, and import projects and media files with a single click. It streamlines your workflow, saving you valuable time and effort.

AEVIEWER Minimum version: 2.1.2

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Motion Graphics vs Cel Animation

As a motion designer, you’re likely familiar with the distinction between motion graphics and cel animation, also known as traditional animation or frame-by-frame animation.
Cel animation is an amazing technique that can bring depth and complexity to motion design projects. However, it often demands a significant amount of time and requires drawing skills to execute effectively.

Motion Graphics

• Digitally interpolated graphics
• Two dimensional movements
• Extremely mainstream

Cel Animation

• Hand-drawn frame-by-frame
• Free and organic movement
• Niche among motion designers

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